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The Brand Punchlines Quiz: Questions

Quiz By poisonangel on 12 Jan 14
Punch lines Quiz questions and answers. Punch lines play an important role in ads. You know the brands well, do you also know their punch lines? Play online Punch lines Quiz at c2w

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Q1 Which tagline did Adidas carry during the cricket world cup? poisonangel
Q2 Which country is called 'Land of a million elephants'? poisonangel
Q3 Which Indian company has the tagline 'Power on. India on'? poisonangel
Q4 Which well-known processor maker recently changed its tagline to 'Leap ahead'? poisonangel
Q5 What is the tagline of Apple's ipod nano? poisonangel
Q6 What is Calvin Klein's Tagline c2w_aadzi
Q7 What is L'Oreal's Tagline c2w_aadzi
Q8 What is Walmart's Tagline c2w_aadzi
Q9 Which company's tagline is "Invent" c2w_aadzi
Q10 Which company's tagline is "American by birth. Rebel by choice." c2w_aadzi
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