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Hannah Montana - Musical Quiz: Questions

Quiz By Freya on 15 Jan 09
Miley Stewart is the most famous teenager on TV, leading a double life as an ordinary teenager by day and a pop singer named "Hannah Montana" by night. Check your knowledge about this immensely popular Disney show! Answer questions in this Quiz Contest and win prize points that you can redeem in the Prize Section

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Q1 What’s the opening theme of Hannah Montana? Freya
Q2 In the 1st episode, how did Lilly realize Miley was really the singer Hannah Montana? Freya
Q3 What did Lilly's bracelet say on the back of it (the one she had given to Miley)? Freya
Q4 What does Lilly call herself at Hannah Montana concerts? Freya
Q5 Who are Miley’s best friends at school? Freya
Q6 What does Oliver sometimes call himself? Freya
Q7 Most of the time how does Lilly enter Miley's house? Freya
Q8 Miley and Oliver had to be partners to do a reading in what play? Freya
Q9 When Hannah tries to crush Oliver's crush on her, what colour gum does she chew? Freya
Q10 What do they say when Miley (Hanna), her brother (Jackson) or her father (Robbie) get frustrated? Freya
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