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High School Musical: The Series: Questions

Quiz By Freya on 14 Jan 09
High School Musical (HSM) is more than a movie series. it’s a phenomenon. This Disney movie entertains and inspires. So, how much do you know about it? Answer questions in this Quiz Contest and win prize points that you can redeem in the Prize Section

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Q1 What’s the name of the school the HSM series is set in? Freya
Q2 What’s the mascot of the East High, the school HSM series is set in? Freya
Q3 Gabriella and Troy first met in a New Year party at a Ski Resort.Which song did they sing together? Freya
Q4 Which of the following are twins in the movie series? Freya
Q5 Where do Troy and Gabriella secretly meet (HSM -1)? Freya
Q6 The falling snow is the New Year scene (HSM -1) was actually – Freya
Q7 What’s the colour of the Wildcats basketball team in HSM series? Freya
Q8 Who is Gabriella’s best friend? Freya
Q9 Ashley Tisdale (Sharpay Evans) has worked in which other Disney series? Freya
Q10 What is the name of the country club that the Wildcat Gang works at (HSM – 2)? Freya
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