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The Hannah Montana Quiz!!!: Questions

Quiz By Sidhana on 14 Sep 08
So how much do you know about Hannah Montana ?

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Q1 What is Hannah Montana’s name during the day? Sidhana
Q2 Where did Hannah live before she moved to Malibu? Sidhana
Q3 What show was the director (Fred Savage) formerly the star of? Sidhana
Q4 How old is Hannah Montana? Sidhana
Q5 Who is Hannah’s manager? Sidhana
Q6 What is the name of Hannah’s older brother? Sidhana
Q7 What are Hannah’s best friends called? Sidhana
Q8 What did Billy Ray Cyrus, who plays Hannah’s Father, do before he started acting? Sidhana
Q9 What colour is Hannah’s hair when she is performing? Sidhana
Q10 What other show did co-producer, Michael Poryes, also co-create? Sidhana
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