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Currencies Quiz: Questions

Quiz By jagwinder15 on 03 Aug 08
The Currencies Quiz will test your knowledge of the world’s currencies. The Currencies Quiz questions are carefully crafted to allow you to gauge how much you know about the variety and culture of the world’s many currencies.

Answer questions by clicking on the option you think is right. Click on the image to enlarge it. For quizzes with videos, click on the video screen to watch it.

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Q1 European Monetary Union cedec control to what? jagwinder15
Q2 For how many years were Spanish silver coins legal currency in the United States? jagwinder15
Q3 What is the currency of Haiti? jagwinder15
Q4 What is the currency of Vietnam? jagwinder15
Q5 What was the name of the currency in Ancient Greece? jagwinder15
Q6 Cyprus and Lebanon share the same currency. What is it? jagwinder15
Q7 What is the currency of Denmark? jagwinder15
Q8 What color is the Canadian $10 bill? jagwinder15
Q9 Speaking of the Brazilian 10 Real bill, what color is it? jagwinder15
Q10 What was the first country to use paper money? jagwinder15
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