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Finance Quiz : Questions

Quiz By santoshg1981 on 20 Jul 14
Finance Quiz questions and answers. Play online Finance Quiz at c2w

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Q1 Which is the Oldest Stock Exchange in World? santoshg1981
Q2 Euronext is merged with santoshg1981
Q3 NASDAQ is acronym for santoshg1981
Q4 ADR stands for santoshg1981
Q5 Which Indian bank is promoted by 20th Century Finance Corporation & Keppel Tatlee Bank of Singapore santoshg1981
Q6 This term is derived from the Greek word 'Oikanomia' means "House Management". What is it? santoshg1981
Q7 Name the first Indian woman CEO of a Foreign Bank? santoshg1981
Q8 Who is often referred as the Father of Index Fund investing santoshg1981
Q9 Who founded the famous Wall Street Journal? santoshg1981
Q10 Which financial services giant is referred as the "Thundering Herd"? santoshg1981
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