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Mumbai Local Railway Stations: Questions

Quiz By arindampatra on 22 Jun 08
Its all about the the places which facilitate the lifeline of Mumbai , i.e. Mumbai local trains .Check your general knowledge about the Mumbai Local Train Stations .

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Q1 The most crowded railway station on the Mumbai Suburban Railway... arindampatra
Q2 Only Station of Mumbai Suburban Railway having a french name meaing "citi Talking " arindampatra
Q3 The name of which station is a corruption of the name of a Hindu God , which means boundary or limit arindampatra
Q4 This is the station where Central and Harbour line meets .The name originated from a small fish. arindampatra
Q5 This is the station where the last Bomb of 7/11 train bombing exploded arindampatra
Q6 If one wantsto borad a train after coming out of the airport in Mumbai ,which station is nearest arindampatra
Q7 This harbour line suburban railway station bears the name of a central suburb of Mumbai arindampatra
Q8 Station nearest to Sion Koliwada in Central Mumbai arindampatra
Q9 This station is so nearer to another suburban station that it almost shares the boundry with it. arindampatra
Q10 The station which was once a small hamlet on the eastern shore of the Parel island arindampatra
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