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doraemon: Questions

Quiz By daloobaba on 03 Apr 08
hi there many of us watch doraemon this is a quiz on him so play and enjoy and dont forget to leave comments.

Answer questions by clicking on the option you think is right. Click on the image to enlarge it. For quizzes with videos, click on the video screen to watch it.

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Q1 what is the name of the show? daloobaba
Q2 who is he? daloobaba
Q3 who helps nobita? daloobaba
Q4 who is doraemon's sister? daloobaba
Q5 whoose doll is this? daloobaba
Q6 who was here in the picture with nobita? daloobaba
Q7 who is he? daloobaba
Q8 by which gadget did doremon was going? daloobaba
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