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Ultimate Fun Facts of India Quiz: Questions

Quiz By trupti on 29 Jun 15
India is a unique country with a rich mix of culture and varied demographics. Check out what all facts you know about India.

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Q1 Which is India's National language? trupti
Q2 The gathering at __ is so large that it is visible from the space. trupti
Q3 The City Montessori School in __ is the world's largest school in terms of the number of students. trupti
Q4 India's first rocket was transported on a __ in 1963. trupti
Q5 Iron Man 3's actor Ben Kingsley's birth name is __ and he is of Indian descent. trupti
Q6 __ is called the Father of the Pentium chip. trupti
Q7 __ , an ancient Indian surgeon, made important contributions to field of plastic & cataract surgery. trupti
Q8 Chail in __ is the highest cricket pitch in the world. trupti
Q9 Samosa is not an Indian dish, it originated in __ . trupti
Q10 __ came to India from Mexico and became an important part of our cuisines. trupti
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