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Indian State Capital: Questions

Quiz By rgrkshgupta on 05 Jul 15
Indian State Capital Quiz questions and answers. How much you know about capital of Indian states and union territory. Play online Indian State Capital Quiz at c2w .

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Q1 The capital of Haryana is rgrkshgupta
Q2 The capital of Rajasthan rgrkshgupta
Q3 The capital of Gujrat? rgrkshgupta
Q4 The capital of Maharashtra rgrkshgupta
Q5 The capital of Goa rgrkshgupta
Q6 The capital of West Bengal? rgrkshgupta
Q7 The capital of Andaman and Nicobar island? rgrkshgupta
Q8 The capital of Andhra Pradesh? rgrkshgupta
Q9 The capital of Kerala? rgrkshgupta
Q10 The capital of Orissa? rgrkshgupta
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