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Gujarat Quiz: Questions

Quiz By sam20india on 06 Nov 12
Gujarat Quiz  questions and answers. Gujarat is a state in western India. It has an area of 75,686 sq mi with a coastline of 1,600 km.Take this quiz and test your knowledge about this state and its capital. Play online Gujarat Trivia Game at c2w

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Q1 Where is Gujarat located? sam20india
Q2 What is the capital of Gujarat? sam20india
Q3 How many districts are there in Gujarat? sam20india
Q4 Which state lies to the north of Gujarat? sam20india
Q5 Which is the official language of Gujarat ? sam20india
Q6 When did Gujarat become a state? sam20india
Q7 Which is the biggest river of Gujarat? sam20india
Q8 Which is the only hill-station in the state of Gujarat? sam20india
Q9 Who is currently the brand ambassador of Gujarat Tourism? sam20india
Q10 Which of these famous museum is located in Gujarat? sam20india
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