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Punjab Quiz: Questions

Quiz By sam20india on 27 Sep 12
Punjab Quiz questions and answers. Punjab is a state in the northwest of the Republic of India and its capital is Chandigarh.Take this quiz and test your knowledge about this state and its capital. Play the Punjab Trivia Game on c2w

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Q1 What does the word Punjab means? sam20india
Q2 Which country lies to the west of Punjab? sam20india
Q3 Which state lies to the north of Punjab? sam20india
Q4 Which is the state animal of Punjab? sam20india
Q5 Which is the state bird of Punjab? sam20india
Q6 Which is the state tree of Punjab? sam20india
Q7 Which is the script use for writing Punjabi language? sam20india
Q8 Which city of Punjab is often called 'the Manchester of India'? sam20india
Q9 Which city of Punjab was once the capital when Punjab was a princely state? sam20india
Q10 Which city of Punjab is famous for its sports goods? sam20india
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