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Personality Test By GurdeepBhatia on 16 Apr 09
One of the main feature's of one's personality depends on how he communicates & interacts with others.Let's find howz your attitud towads others by this personality test. NOTE: PLEASE BE HONEST IN YOUR ANSWERS.

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Q1 How many hours of sleep do you take in a day. GurdeepBhatia
Q2 When you go to a restaurant what do you do from the following? GurdeepBhatia
Q3 While talking something important with your GF/BF and suddenly your friend comes then- GurdeepBhatia
Q4 What would you prefer- GurdeepBhatia
Q5 If you were alone on an island what you will be needing the most from the following- GurdeepBhatia
Q6 For how much hours do you talk daily on phone/mobile? GurdeepBhatia
Q7 While watching TV what would you prefer to have - GurdeepBhatia
Q8 What was the first question which cameto your mind when you read the title of this quiz? GurdeepBhatia
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